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RP-4 & T2i SET

■ Integrated 433MHz RF antenna.
■ Supports RTiPanel App for one-way control via smart phones and tablets.*
■ Four infrared ports with routing and output adjustment.
■ Infrared ports compatible with standard IR emitters and IR expansion devices.
■ Two power sensing inputs for monitoring equipment status.
■ Two relays provide contact closure for TV lifts, shades, projection screens etc.
■ Works with all RTI 433MHz wireless remotes.**
■ Dual RF transmission capability uses 433MHz and 2.4GHz (utilizing Zigbee® technology).
■ Two-way control using 2.4GHz (Zigbee®) and RTI control components.
■ Flush mount, edge-to-edge touchscreen.
■ Accelerometer provides "instant-on" control.
■ Transmits IR and RF (or both - on a single button press!).
■ Extremely wide IR transmitting frequency range.
■ Programmed using the RTI Integration Designer Software.
■ USB 2.0 and Ethernet programming.