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■ Supports Virtual Panel and RTiPanel Apps.
■ Supports same two-way drivers used by XP6/XP8.
■ Powerful 32bit, 533MHz CPU.
■ 128Mb of non-volatile Flash memory stores your system configuration even when power is not present.
■ One multi-purpose I/O port supports optional RTI power sensing and communications modules.
■ Two IR output ports with variable output.
■ Two assignable voltage sense inputs.
■ Two programmable relay outputs.
■ One two-way RS-232 port for bi-directional communication with supported devices.
■ Integrated 10/100Base-T Ethernet port for programming, control and two-way communication with compatible devices.
■ Integrated 10/100Base-T Ethernet port supports Power-over-Ethernet (POE) Class 3.
■ Built-in astronomical clock for time-based events and sleep timers.
■ Built-in 2.4GHz ZigBee® RF transceiver module and removable antenna.
■ Compatible with industry standard IR emitters and blasters.
■ Configurable for communication with RTI in-wall products and
■ 433MHz wireless controllers.*
■ Programmed using the RTI Integration Designer Software.
■ USB 2.0 and Ethernet programming.
■ Field upgradable firmware.